Tangential Laterality;
Dramatic Realness

TL;DR is our way of bringing you condensed versions of recent news stories. Each edition contains just two stories that we believe are worth your time. We promise you should be able to digest these bite-size summaries in just under 3 minutes!

TL summarises one long-form socio-political-economic piece of news. Typically, it’s a big enough story that’s worth pondering over. We pick it for its so-called ‘tangential laterality’ – it cuts across domains and could be relevant to our everyday convos in any number of ways, even if only tangentially.

DR presents an entertaining, intriguing, or even mildly disturbing cultural news that could inspire you at work or just make you go, “Huh, I didn’t think of that”. As the more light-hearted counterpart, it’s meant to provide a bit more ‘dramatic realness’.

Check out past issues of TL;DR and TL;DR+ here:


Issue #1: Hype & Communities
Issue #2: CaPex & Pandas
Issue #3: Global Order & Tax Romance
Issue #4: Love & Legacy


Issue #1: Trust, education, and data privacy: Bright opportunities in Southeast Asia’s digital healthcare sector