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Tangential Laterality; Dramatic Realness / TL;DR Issue #4

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From grey to bae: Seniors are swiping left on loneliness

Senior citizens in China are defying stereotypes on ageing – they are tech-savvy and turning online to find love, companionship and intimacy. 

Live-streaming has become an increasingly popular way for them to connect with potential partners. Using their phones, they flick through different “rooms” and request to join when someone catches their eye. If sparks fly, details are exchanged and the live-stream host is paid a fee. For one host, their live streams have amassed upwards of 500,000 followers. 

They are also on dating apps such as Pair. As per data from Baidu, half of the 10 million registered users on the app are aged 50 or above. Another app, Middle-Aged and Elderly Life, is also growing in popularity. These apps offer seniors a chance to connect with potential partners in a convenient and accessible way. 

There is certainly a market for online dating services tailored to seniors. The number of older adults in China is expected to reach over 400 million by 2035. Most recent figures from 2015 also showed that over a quarter of people 60 and over were single. 

For those not inclined to find love online, there is the marriage market (aka public spaces where parents also advertise their unmarried children), or offline dating shows as alternatives.

Snippets from some of these shows have gone viral for participants’ straightforward and blunt behaviour.

Seniors embracing online dating is a testament to China’s digital inclusion efforts, and highlights the need for more tailored digital services for them. Are there any opportunities for your clients to cater to older individuals?

Fashion, feline, and a five-star hotel 

This year’s Met Gala honoured polarising fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.  

While Lagerfeld is most known for his work with Chanel, he has also designed for other brands including Chloe, Balmain and Fendi.

There were many bold and extravagant looks on display that night (even a cockroach made its debut). While most chose to honour Lagerfeld’s body of work, others paid tribute to his beloved feline friend, Choupette

Some were so committed to their cat persona that they stayed in character the entire night. Lil Nas X and Doja Cat answered only with “meows” to interview questions.  

Beyond fashion, Lagerfeld’s legacy is also immortalised in buildings. Closer to home, one can stay at the world’s only Karl Lagerfeld hotel in Macau.  

The late fashion designer was apparently involved in every aspect of the five-star property. It features over-the-top interiors and large-scale installations – think imperial Chinese motifs mixed with art deco; a 1,000 key art installation; and towering Chinese-style porcelain vases.

Silhouettes of the designer’s face can also be found in unexpected places, almost like a Karl Lagerfeld easter egg hunt.

Soft launched in 2021, the hotel is now set to receive visitors. Details on multi-day celebrations to mark its launch in June are forthcoming.

For a closer look at the Met Gala, click here.

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