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Six questions with… Phoebe Sou

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Get to know Phoebe Sou, General Manager of the Hong Kong office

How do you describe your job to family and friends?

I tell stories to people who should hear them, in ways that speak to them best.  

What attracted you to RICE?

The culture, the diversity and the people.

Favourite RICE memory so far?

It has to be our most recent company offsite in Taiwan, where we occupied almost the entire hostel; we were literally like one family living under the same roof for three days. 

Client highlight/weirdlight?

One time, we received a cold email asking if we sell or distribute wholesale rice! 

What are the top sites/titles you read/access every day?

Google news, HK01 philosophy, HipDict.

Hobbies outside of work?

Travelling – I’m a serial solo traveller; I also love art shows and exhibitions, concerts and music festivals, and books and movies.

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