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Bringing a digital factory to life

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Having been in the PR/communications industry for more than five years, I’m used to clients asking for the Next Big Idea, how best to engage the media and how to reach their target audiences. Time and again, with the support of colleagues and partners, we’ve helped our clients launch everything from hotel properties and cars, to cybersecurity solutions and findings from thought leadership research studies.

At RICE, we value creativity and collaboration in all we do – these characteristics empower us to always look beyond the obvious, think flexibly and adapt quickly.

These capabilities proved particularly helpful when RICE was tasked to manage the launch of the first Thales Digital Factory in Asia. One of our long-standing clients, Thales is a global technology leader providing solutions for defence, aerospace, space, transport and security, and we had just come off the success of organising a first media briefing for the new country director in Indonesia – securing nine journalists all while in Singapore. However, there was hardly any time to rest on our laurels.

For the launch, we had to conceptualise and manage everything from the programme and launch gambit, and create a unique event experience for Thales’ internal and external key stakeholders on top of media pitching. Not to mention we only had about two weeks to pull it all together!

We partnered with Mischief Makers, an experiential design and production lab, to brainstorm ideas that would not only excite the media, but also wow the guests, which would include Thales’ customers, VIPs and government officials.

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Collaboration can really do wonders, and we managed to pull everything together. From research and signing contracts with third-party vendors; working closely with Mischief Makers on the launch gambit; overseeing programme details with the event company; drafting the press release and invite; pitching to the media; all the way through to on-site support on Launch Day…

It was stressful juggling so many hats, but I can’t describe how exhilarated we were during Launch Day’s big reveal: an interactive touchscreen wall unveiled the opening of Thales Digital Factory’s third site in Singapore. The clients were very impressed and wanted to take the same idea back to their Paris HQ!

As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Ver Lin Chia 18.9.2019
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