July 24, 2017
May Poe Wah
My Singapore Trip

They say there’s always a first time for everything in life. For me, my first trip abroad happened to be to Singapore where our head office is located. Everything about it excited me – the thought of flying high in the clouds, going to another country, meeting new people and trying out new things.

Looking out of the plane window as it entered Singapore airspace, I saw a pleasantly surprising environment of high-rise buildings and greenery. As a nature lover, it always puts me at ease every time I get to see enclaves of trees, winding river paths and luscious gardens. Seeing such a green urban area, now that’s a whole new experience!

Having passed through Immigration, I headed to the taxi stand and started making my way to the city. The taxi driver was kind enough to answer my questions about his home country. Those who know me would attest to the fact that I like to chat, so I was really grateful that the first Singaporean I met happened to be willing to entertain my curious mind!

As we got closer to the city, again I found myself amazed at just how green Singapore is. It comes as no surprise that the City in a Garden stood above 16 other cities in the world as home to the highest urban tree density, above Sydney and Vancouver, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the World Economic Forum earlier this year.  

If there was one thing that I found challenging though, was the fact that everything costs a lot of money. Food, especially, was very expensive when compared with prices in Yangon. While I didn’t get to taste a lot of variety of the world-famous Singaporean food, I did find something delicious, which was the heavenly crispy fried cereal prawns.

Another observation I made about Singapore in my daily commutes between the Rice Communications office in Tanjong Pagar and the place I stayed at in Tiong Bahru was how efficient its public transport system was – highly enviable to us Yangonites. Alas, I left Singapore with such nice impression of the city-state and a longing to know more. Thank you Singapore, until next time!